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PTI Affiliate Program - Personal Tutoring Institute
PTI Affiliate Program
Welcome to our Affiliate Program. Receive cash for displaying our ads and referring customers.†

PTI Affiliate Program

Discover Easy Passive Income

You are invited to join our Affiliate Program. Receive cash simply for displaying our ads. Enjoy exciting cash rewards. Simply allow your customers to take our business card. Your customers get discounts, and you get cash for each customer that signs up for our services. In most cases, all you need to do is place a business card holder with our business cards on your reception desk.

Get Monthly Checks

You deserve maximum income. Why stop receiving cash after your customers leave? When your customers leave with our business cards, they get a free coupon, and you get cash when they sign up for our services.

How it works

It’s all quite easy. Our business cards will have a coupon code unique to your company. We place these business cards in a small convenient card holder; and set them at your reception desk. You choose the best place to put the cards. Your customers take our business cards, and contact us. When they sign up for our services, they get a discount or free gift. You get $50, for every customer that signs up. We pay you monthly by check or bank transfer.

About us

Personal Tutoring Institute | is the leading provider of exam preparation, supplemental education and home-schooling solutions. Our commitment to excellence allows us to confidently offer you our famous Money-Back Success Guarantee. Learn more

Our services include:
  • 1-on-1 Math & English Tutoring
  • Academic Software production
  • Automated Employee Training — Online Skills Training and competence Testing with Reporting & Feedback systems
  • Author Services — eBook formatting, script review and publishing
  • Company Policy & Procedure Knowledge-base production and management — Imagine your company being 100% policy compliant. Picture your staff having answers to any customer question with one click
  • more...